Top Coating For All Vehicle Parts

For The Perfect Finish To Your Parts

Car part spraying for the manufacturing industry in the UK

The exterior finish is the first thing that stands out when looking at a vehicle. The finish goes a long way in bringing out the true quality of your product. At Panache Coatings Ltd, we offer paint spraying for new and refurbished vehicle parts. Our highly trained engineers use specialist equipment to achieve a flawless finish every time. We have passed previous adhesion and weather testing, showing the toughest thousand hour surface test possible. Give us a call to find out how we can achieve the perfect finish. 

Quality automotive paint

As experts in vehicle top coating, we use superior quality automotive paints to achieve a perfect finish. We can customise our solvent and waterborne paint finishes for car parts and other automotive parts. Our team can mimic the original finish which can include everything from pearls to candy and matt to piano black faultless gloss.

Experts in vehicle parts coatinG

  • Match or surpass the original finish
  • Solvent and water-based paints for durability
  • Top coating that exceeds the thousand hour surface test
  • Paints that can achieve all types of finishes
  • Coating for large and small vehicle parts
Rely on the experts at Panache Coatings Ltd for car part spraying in the UK. Call us for a free estimate.
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